Some comments from our audiences:

Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings

“Great! One of the best trainings I’ve ever been to! Thanks again for the workshop! Not only did I enjoy the content but I appreciated your couple ship style and loving respectful and healthy relationship. You both modeled a good working team n healthy marriage. I REALLY liked how you treated each other and that added a lot to my positive experience.” Suzi Marsh, MSW, LCSW, Psychotherapist, Trainer and Former Radio Show Host of "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life" archived on suzi-marsh.com

“I would highly recommend it to anyone running mental health groups-I tried my laughter yoga group for the first time today at work. The inmates who showed up seemed to really enjoy it. At first, I didn't quite go into great detail about the science behind it since a lot of them are cognitively impaired and have a short attention span. However, some of them asked me about it towards the end so I went into further detail. I guess I shouldn't underestimate anyone. They were also laughing at themselves by the end of the session. I did the warm up exercises that you recommended in class, and I was able to quickly move into the laughter exercises.  Melissa Simpson, Student

“Excellent. I have spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and a recent TBI. After the first day, I felt like I’ve been on an all day oxygen tank and my body felt more limber than it has felt in many years!”Amy Lukken

“I really enjoyed the training, and I'm so excited about sharing it with others!!! I think Laughter Yoga is an wonderful tool to use with any population! Craig and Helen were excellent trainers! I so enjoyed laughing my way through the weekend!” Crystal Jackson, LAPC NCC CLYL, Licensed Associate Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, 404/455-0606 (cell)

“Laughter Yoga is a wonderful tool for health and happiness for all ages. The two days are filled with information! Thank you!” Cecile Stretch

“Just wanted to thank you again for everything this past weekend.  It was a mind-altering, life-changing experience– and no drugs involved! HA!” Jill Fitzgerald, Graduate Student, Gerontology

“Many thanks to you and Helen for the joy and laughter that you bring to the world. You have provided me with the tools to do the same. Remember- Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves. I send you warm thoughts and positive energy. Regards.” Claudette Harper

“I would urge folks to take this course, if for no other reason than for personal growth. It is an amazing tool for professionals, as well.” Martha Chandler, LCSW

“I am still buzzing with all the wonderful positive energy I received from you over the weekend. It was life-changing! The world looks better.” Jolynn VanCamp, Second Chance Animal Rescue

“Very transformative and fun! Was fascinated to learn that my body doesn’t recognize the difference between a fake laugh and a real one.” Sandra Wright, RN

"What an absolutely fabulous weekend spent in Laughter Yoga!  I came away with so much enthusiasm, excitement and a plethora of possibilities.  You both gave us so much personal attention that I felt very lucky being part of the group.  I have been raving about Laughter Yoga to all I encounter.  It's a wonderful ice breaker and it engages people quickly.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  I'm truly in a state of appreciation.  God bless you both."  
 LuEtta Al-Saadi, LCSW

“Very refreshing. Everybody can do it at any age. Don’t have to be happy in order to laugh!”
Sedef Dion

“Do it! Get Certified!”
Cheryl Crawford

“How diverse! This can be used daily in our lives- at home, hobbies, work, volunteering, etc. This is absolutely fantastic! Love, peace and laughter are so healing and spiritual. I can’t wait to share it with everyone!”
Bobbi Evans

“A fantastic opportunity to gain new knowledge, not only from the instructors, but because of the manner in which the class was conducted. The participants shared openly, freely and synergistically to such a degree that the entire dynamic of this learning experience was absolutely fantastic, rewarding and totally joyful.” Jean White

“The program was excellent! Please sign up for this program! Speakers are very engaging! This was a useful reminder of self-care.” Unknown

“Take at least 15 minutes to try… and begin changing your life for the good of your health, your spirit, and above all else, it’s fun!” Ray Louis

“My cheeks hurt! The emphasis on taking yourself lightly and your work seriously is what really resonated with me. I think that will be what I take and share most with others.” Karena Vigliotti

“I appreciate your enthusiasm. That certainly helps with getting us enthused. I have always believed laughter is the universal language and you have helped solidify that belief.” Kathy Fields

“Highly recommend it to people from all walks of life. I loved the lunch deal too J” Deniese Deitrich

“I learned a lot of practical and applicable tools to help others. I will point others toward this training and will probably pursue the next level of certification as well.” Billy Ingram

“This is an excellent workshop for those considering enhancing their current position in the workforce, assisting patients in letting their negative energy go and healing energy in, or simply to use in your day to day life.” Unknown

“Get involved! What else is there that promotes health, well-being and a positive state more than laughing and sharing laughter? What a great people and family bond!” Judy Newman

Riverwoods Behavioral Health System, March 26th, 2010

“Excellent program; you will feel so much better, more relaxed; will receive excellent tools and activities to incorporate into daily life! Great way to spend a Friday morning.” Bryan Obijuru, APS Healthcare

“Not only did I hear very useful information, but was able to fully engage in the laughter exercises. It was awesome!” Vonda Carmichael, Cobb County Schools

“It was fun, helpful and positive!” Dr. Reginald Riley, Families First

"Interesting; well worth your time..."    Waikiki U.

"Very good session!" "Interactive and Informative!" Linda W.

"Enjoyed the program; learned how to self de-stress, relax and feel happy!" Pamela S.

"Relaxing! You feel lighter!"   Kelli R.

"You learn the value of laughter and laughing techniques!"  Beth P.

"A must see; I will encourage others to attend!"  Mayi D

"It was great!" "Job well done!"   Dorothy Cerezola,  LCSW

"A great stress reliever and you are able to get CEUs!"   Joseph P.

"Laughter is great medicine and the information provided is helpful for the clinicians self care and their clients." "Silly, but interesting…I need more silly time in my life!"  S.M

"This is a training where you will leave relaxed and filled with helpful information as opposed to overwhelmed with data."   Jaclyn Price, MS

2009 NASW Conferences, Georgia and South Carolina

“Excellent topic for any group- applicable in many settings. I appreciated the hands-on teaching method and the therapeutic nature of the material.” Unknown

“The Whitley’s are delightful. What a unique way of helping others. This workshop was fun and enlightening.” Unknown

“A very nice detox at the end of the day/weekend. Very enjoyable and stress-reducing.” Unknown

Winnwood Retirement Community Marietta, Georgia  Sept 18th, 2009

"Great program!" "Really felt uplifted afterward!"  Carola Hertle-Jones, LCSW

"Light hearted laugh fest!" " Did not want to attend, so glad I did!" "Feel better, more relaxed!"   Unknown

"You need to experience it!" " I had read about the training before, and although I always acknowledged and believed in the power of laughter, I dismissed the training and unnecessary; was I wrong!" "So much potential to help so many populations!" "Thank you for your knowledge and enthusiasm!"  Unknown

"Would highly recommend the program! Excellent experience, I would like to continue classess and possibly become certified to provide in elementary schools!" Jane Z.

"Very fun & energizing! I'd recommend it to therapists, clients and friends!" Michelle Hodges, LCSW

"You need to experience it! You can't tell someone about it; they have to try it!" Unknown

"Taking the course is great for both self and client care!"  Pat Thomas

"It was fun, very informative & Inspiring, thank you!"  Unknown

Plaza Retirement Community Lawrenceville, GA, Sep 11th, 2009

"Thank you for the commendable job both of you did teaching your workshop. I must say that although I have been to many continuing education workshops, yours was one of the very best! I especially appreciated the interviews you gave after the workshop. Thanks again, for teaching an outstanding workshop!" James Redding

"Fun, funny & informative. Highly recommend laughter! The research and validation of the power of it is fascinating!"  Unknown

"Learning the Importance of laughter yoga at all levels and all ages…connecting to others and medical and psychological benefits"  Unknown

"Enjoyable and applicable to self and clients! It's rare to find workshops that clinicians can truly use for their own self care!" Unknown

"Laughter yoga can help decrease stress immediately!" Unknown

"Great if you want a good laugh and more ways to implement laughter in your life!"   Unknown

Visiting Nurse Health System, Aug 19th, 2009

"Great training to share with clients and elderly, because it provides encouragment and lifts their spirt. Ulimately, it helped people to lighten up and experience life!  Thanks!"    Unknown

"Laughing in a group is great! Plan to give to those who work in a hospital with older adults. I can really see volunteers going in to rooms and using some of these techniques!"  Suzette Greene

"Great idea-Recommend for team building!" Unknown

"Great exercise for people. It gives us permission to laugh!”  Unknown

"So beneficial! Fun! Great Self Care!" Unknown

"I'd encourage people to attend a session and consider attending weekly laughter yoga

sessions!"   Victoria S.

"Wonderful to incorporate into current practice!"   Tina A.

"A way to communicate with diverse populations!"  Unknown

"Good for relaxation and as an ice breaker!"    Unknown

Licensed Professional Counselors Association Annual Conference, May, 2009

Positive across the board! LPCA Annual Conference Committee- Some comments from the compiled evaluations were:

“Bring these folks back for another session!”

“Wonderful fun and awesome presentation!”

“Informative exercises!”

“Great job, excellent session”

Addiction Counselors Annual Conference, Oct 2009

Overall evaluations were extremely positive! Some comments from the compiled evaluations were:

“Outside of the box thinking.”

“Just what GACA needs.”

“Best practical session offered. Great fun and Great release.”

“Craig is a great teacher!”

“Fun, thank you, Hurray!”

“Helpful, awesome session!”

“Would like to see more trainings like this. Interaction was great.”

“It was wonderful watching everybody laugh! The most fun I’ve had at the conference!”

“Excellent stuff! This is the most awesome training ever in the history of GACA!”

NASW GA Conference, 2008

“This was an excellent workshop. The topic was absolutely needed for me personally and professionally. The presenters were excellent, friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I will attend their session again. Please bring them back! Bernita B.

“Very good workshop. Hands-on- Good job!”

“Liked the concept. Liked the methods, participatory, kinetic, and fun. I intend to take advantage of further trainings.”
Gloria Silver, LCSW

“This was an excellent workshop. It was the perfect workshop to attend after lunch. Held my interest all the way through.”
Amy E.

“Presenters were excellent, highly motivated, and enthusiastic. Great tag-team session leaders.”

Diabetes Support Group, July 2008

“Thank you! It’s a great way to feel better about yourself and it changes the way you look at others.”
Jessica G.

“It’s a great way to make people feel better. I hope to attend the laughter clubs.”
Reggie T.

" Fun! De-Stressing! Good for me! Good for all!”
Robert Turner

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