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3 Laughter Meditations


CD 101

This CD provides you with three different guided visualizations designed to be used following a Laughter Yoga session.  Each visualization is 15 minutes in length, and will help to maximize the benefits of the session, while giving the participants time to cool down before going about their day.  The CD also includes a fourth track with the background music used in the recorded visualizations. This can be used if the leader would like to lead the visualization themselves by reading from the provided transcripts.  The visualizations on the CD are led by Craig Whitley, Certified Hypnotherapist and Laughter Yoga Teacher.

“Three Happy Memories” guides the listener to fully experience and then add the energy from three different happy, laughter and love-filled memories to the energy generated by the Laughter Yoga session. 

 “Earth and Sky” guides the listener to absorb healing, laughter-filled energy from the center of the earth and the stars and then add it to the energy generated by the session.

 “The Magical Garden” guides the listener into a magical garden where they undergo two different processes to allow them to release and transmute all limiting or negative energies into healing laughter energy which is then added to the energy generated by the session.

All three visualizations close with an additional energy enhancement and integration process that leaves listeners feeling refreshed and wonderful.

 “I’ve used these visualizations after our Laughter Yoga sessions for the past 3 years, and the participants absolutely LOVE them!”--Craig

PRICE: $19.95 (including shipping and handling)

Transcripts will be sent as a Pdf file once payment is received.
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