Laughter and Humor Links

Check out these links to learn more about humor, happiness, and laughter yoga:

Blue Skies CCH, INC.
Our other site which is primarily for our counseling, coaching and hypnotherapy services in Woodstock, GA.

Red Hat Society
A global society of women that supports and encourages women in their pursuit of fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment, and fitness

Laughter Yoga - Laughter Yoga International
The official website of the Dr. Kataria School of Laughter Yoga, the creator of Laughter Yoga as we know it today, worldwide.

The American School of Laughter Yoga

Founded in 2004 by Sebastien Gendry, the first American to train as a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher with Dr. Madan Kataria. This wonderful and comprehensive site is all about the promotion of Laughter Yoga and Laughter Clubs in the United States.

The Laughter Yoga Institute
Institute Director Jeffrey Briar offers state-of-the art training programs, workshops, seminars; and innovation and advancement in the world of therapeutic laughter.  The Institute Programs include seminars, workshops, and heart-opening Laughter Adventure programs to relieve stress, develop emotional intelligence, and bring a sense of celebration to life.   

Ecole Du Yoga Du Rire
Linda Leclerc's comprehensive site for our French Canadian friends

Laughter Yoga Florida
A group of wonderful Certified laughter Yoga Teachers based in Florida.

The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor
This is the website of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, an association committed to the clinical application of therapeutic humor.

The Humor Project, Inc.
The HUMOR Project, Inc. is the first organization in the world to focus full-time on the positive power of humor.

Rx Laughter
Rx Laughter is an international 501c3 charity that is grounded in the principles of Positive Psychology and the connection between humor and health. Rx Laughter is currently focused on helping people with serious physical and emotional issues.

Acts of Kindness Foundation
The Random Acts of Kindness of Foundation inspires people to practice kindness and to “pass it on” to others. They provide free educational and community ideas, guidance, and other resources on their website.

A Network For Grateful Living
A site that provide resources for living in the gentle power of gratefulness.

Yoga Laughs
Laughter Yoga in Charlottesville, VA.

Giggle On!
Giggle On! is a way of life, a positive can-do attitude and a mantra for joy and laughter. Donít Give Up! Giggle On!

Laughter Incorporated
Mary and Keith are a husband and wife team who are certified laughter yoga leaders based in MA. They are traveling around the US in an RV, bringing laughter wherever they go!

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