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Laughter Yoga is GOOD for Business!

We live in increasingly stressful and serious times, and this stress can have a very negative influence in the workplace. It’s estimated that $300 billion per year, or approximately $7,500 for each employee, is paid out for stress-related compensation claims.   The CDC reports that up to 90% of all doctor visits in the U.S. may be triggered by a stress related illness.  In addition, eight of the top 10 prescription drugs marketed today are for stress-related conditions which include depression, anxiety, asthma, addictions, high blood pressure and heart disease. 

Research has shown that the most productive people are those who take their work seriously while taking themselves lightly.  Because of this, employers around the world are finding that Laughter Yoga can have a positive and immediate impact on their business, including making their company more profitable.

Companies that have incorporated regular Laughter Yoga sessions into their routine report a happier workplace with better team work, increased motivation, better communication, increases in sales and productivity and increased creativity. One case in point is a Dutch IT firm that participated in a one-year trial that produced the following results:  The company’s sales increased more than 25% in a highly competitive market while stress levels decreased by 75%! The program consisted of Laughter Yoga sessions daily for a week followed by weekly sessions for one year. All management and employees participated and stress levels were scientifically monitored.  Another recent study worth reporting was conducted at a U.S. behavioral health center with their employees over a 15 day period.  One of the most interesting findings of this study was that the benefits from the Laughter Yoga sessions persisted, and continued to show impressive results at the 60 and 90 day follow ups, demonstrating the long term benefits that can be gained from just a few sessions of Laughter Yoga.

Presentations for your Company or Group

We will be happy to discuss any format that works for your company or group event.  Below are some examples:

Leading with Laughter! /Kick off session (30-60 minutes)
A wonderful way to start off your conference or meeting! Experience the benefits of laughter and participate in interactive laughter exercises. This presentation will set a positive and upbeat tone for any conference. Attendees will feel invigorated, connected and happy from the get-go.

Leaving with Laughter! /Closing Session (30-60 minutes)
A powerful and joyful way to end your conference or meeting. The session closes with a laughter/joy visualization to reinforce a positive connection amongst attendees.

“Laugh for the Health of It” (90 mins-120 mins)
This is the most sought-after presentation we give to health and mental health professionals. It includes an intro to Laughter Yoga and the benefits of laughter, a laughter yoga session including cool-down visualization exercise, and a review of the research of and applications for Laughter Yoga in health and mental health settings.

Living Joyfully in Stressful Times (1/2 day or 1 day)
This workshop is a must for all businesses that want to give their employees the tools to deal with stress. Learn about the body-mind connection and how to use your body to influence the mind, and vice-versa, to bring about positive and lasting changes. You and your employees will learn about the science of happiness and how to live joyfully, even in the most difficult of circumstances. This workshop incorporates a variety of learning methods and includes a laughter yoga session. Participants will leave feeling informed, empowered and exhilarated.

Some Of Our Clients Include:

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  • Peachford Hospital

  • Riverwoods Behavioral Health System

  • Winnwood Retirement Community

  • Garden Plaza of Lawrenceville

  • Visiting Nurse Health System

  • Dekalb County School System

  • Georgia Addiction Counselors Association

  • NASW Georgia Chapter

  • National Association of Social Work

  • South Carolina Chapter

  • Licensed Professional Counseling

  • Association, Georgia Chapter

  • Veterans Administration Hospital

  • Augusta, Georgia

  • WHO Group (Widowers Helping Others)

  • McKesson Corporation

  • Gulf Place Community, Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

  • Cherokee County Parks and Recreation

  • Cherokee County Senior Services

  • Northside Hospital Bariatric Support Groups

  • The Health Place at Kennestone Hospital

  • NASW Georgia Chapter 2007 & 2008 Conferences

  • Credit Professionals International, Inter-CityCredit Council

  • Kennesaw State University

  • Life University Center for Seniors

  • Scleroderma Support Group, Georgia Chapter

  • Lockheed Martin Women’s Affinity Group

  • Marietta Center for Yoga and Well-Being

  • A Center for Yoga

  • VA Medical Center, Augusta, GA.

  • Atherton Place Senior Community

  • Hammond Glen Senior Community

  • East Cobb Senior Center

  • West Cobb Senior Center

  • Windy Hill Senior Center

  • Georgia Trial Lawyers and Paralegals Conference

  • Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation

  • C. Freeman Poole Senior Center

  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

  • Cherokee County Child Advocacy Council

  • Woodstock Estates Assisted Living Community

  • Savannah Grand of Towne Lake Assisted Living Community


Doc Hollywood Craig, Helen and the real "Doc Hollywood", Dr. Neil Schulman, at the May 4th World Laughter Day celebration in Marietta, GA.



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